Corporate Overview

Product Innovation Since 1950.

Hull Industries Corporate Overview

Meeting Today's Challenges in Plastics Processing

We want to share a little insight into Hull Industries’ Corporate Overview. We have been manufacturing plastics processing equipment since the 1950’s. We understand what it takes to build a quality machine.

As a plastics processor in today’s fast-paced, globally competitive environment, you’re in the business of meeting tough challenges. Whether you’re an independent molder or a wholly owned subsidiary of a multinational corporation, you must respond quickly to customer needs and market demands.

Day to day, you need to make fast production changeovers, maintain quality standards, control costs, meet Just-in-Time production deadlines, comply with customer specifications and government regulations… and at the same time, deliver a profit for your company.


How Hull Industries Helps You Meet Those Challenges

Since the 1950’s, Hull Industries has established a worldwide reputation as a leading innovator in engineered equipment and systems. In the early 1990’s the company acquired Finmac Inc., a leader in deflashing systems for thermoset plastics and electronics.

Today Hull Industries offers a wide range of equipment for plastics processors, backed by special engineering and turnkey design and installation. From testing and evaluating resins to performing trial production runs of customer jobs, from engineering new production processes to modifying standard equipment for unique production requirements, Hull Industries thrives by working with you to meet your challenges.

Special engineering to meet your unique requirements whether you’re geared for high volume, repetitive production or short runs of complex parts in flexible manufacturing systems, Hull Industries’ skilled engineers can design systems to meet your production demands and quality standards.

Laboratory/R & D Services

Laboratory services include resin performance analysis, mold design and testing, deflashing media evaluation, and more.

Equipment Designed To Your Specifications

Hull Industries brings extensive knowledge of plastics processing applications to its customers. Among the company’s many contributions to plastics processing technology are:

  • High efficiency systems for encapsulation and deflashing of miniaturized electronic components.
  • Pioneering work in precision molding of fiber optic components.
  • We offer complete automated systems with advanced controls.

Because of its long-standing commitment to the plastics industry, Hull Industries has the expertise to engineer special equipment from standardized design platforms, assuring cost-effective problem solving for even the most complex applications.

Quality Assurance and Customer Support

Hull’s equipment is designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in-house at our New Britain, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia area) plant.

Equipment is shipped to customers only after thorough testing.

Onsite installation and set-up assistance, as well as customer training, is available worldwide.

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