Hull Industries has developed different styles of deflashing machines to accommodate various thermoset parts.

When molding Thermoset parts the viscosity of the resin flows very well. It is inevitable that some of the resin will get in the parting line of the mold and become unwanted fl ash when it cures. The part goes in with fl ash and comes out of the machine deflashed, cleaned and dried.


Low Pro Inline Deflasher

Low Pro Deflashers function with high efficiency in integrated manufacturing cells, where similar parts
or families of parts are molded and finished to meet time constraints and quality demands.


Rollaveyor Deflasher

The portable Rollaveyor Deflashing System provides automated, high-efficiency deflashing at the
molding press for small or large parts in batch or continuous operations.


Workloading Frame Deflasher

Ideally suited for electronics packaging, the Workloading Frame Deflasher offers the following

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