Shuttle Presses


Hull’s shuttle presses are high production rate presses for parts requiring the operator to load intricate inserts into the mold.


The mold consists of two lower halves with a common top half. Inserts can be loaded in one bottom half as the other is curing. A PLC is used for easy cycle and temperature set up, through an operator touch screen interface. Presses are available in either electric or hydraulic configurations.

Small parts with delicate inserts such as microcircuits, integrated circuits, transistors, or large parts such as coils, transformers, and relays can be encapsulated. Parts requiring core pins, threaded inserts, and coring prior to ejection can be routinely produced. An adjustable low pressure system for the pressing phase for both the clamp and transfer rams enables this press to cover a broader molding scope not normally associated with large machines.

Additional types and sizes of encapsulating and molding machines are included in Hull’s complete line. The machine and accessories you buy have the latest and best performance and design features.

CLICK HERE to view Shuttle Press.pdf for additional details and specifications

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