Deflashing Systems

for processing thermoset (polyester) material

Fully Automated Deflashing and Blast Cleaning Systems For Plastics, Metals and Composites.


Hull offers a complete line of high-quality deflashing systems such as low-pro inline deflashers, rollaveyor deflashers and tumble blast deflashers.

Low Pro Inline Deflasher

Ideal for integrated cell manufacturing, Low-Pro Deflashers function with high efficiency in integrated manufacturing cells, where similar parts or families of parts are molded and finished within the stringent quality and time constraints of just-in-time manufacturing.

Rollaveyor Deflasher

The portable Rollaveyor Deflashing System provides automated, high-efficiency deflashing at the molding press for small or large parts in batch or continuous operations. Small parts may be deflashed individually or in twin blast chambers. Dividers may be added to create up to eight compartments with separate tumbling paths. Belt speed and tilt angle can be adjusted for almost any tumbling motion.

Tumble Blast Deflasher

Semi-automatic tumble blast unit, with a coated basket containing (2) guns for applying pressurized media to parts for positive deflashing, less staining.

Rollaveyor Deflasher
Tumble Blast Deflasher
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