Low-Pro Inline Deflasher

Ideal for integrated cell manufacturing.

Do you have manufacturing time constraints for your products?

Using a Low Pro Inline Deflasher For Efficiency Makes Sense.

Lo Pro Inline Deflasher

Low-Pro Inline deflashers function with high efficiency in integrated manufacturing cells, where similar parts or families of parts are molded and finished within the stringent quality and time constraints of just-in-time manufacturing.

Small-footprint units are compactly designed to operate near molding presses or linked via a conveyor to the presses. They can be easily configured for automatic or semi-automatic operation to eliminate hand finishing and increase production throughput. Available in adjustable mesh belt, double belt, and other parts handling configurations, the Low Pro deflasher also offers a variety of standard or optional dust handling and cleaning equipment. They provide the flexibility and versatility that meet today’s requirements for on-demand production with no sacrifices in quality.

Equipped with a powerful positive feed suction blasting system, the Low-Pro deflasher assure finished parts that are clean and dust-free. Standard units come with a free-standing dust collector and external cyclone separator with adjustable air bleed for media reclamation. For high volume use, a pulse-type dust collector provides continuous filter cleaning. For maximum cleaning, an optional high-pressure wash system features air blowoffs and dryer.

Open weave mesh belt models allow parts to be blasted from all angles. Wide spaces between links allow blasting from below the parts. Single point gun swivels can be adjusted for any angle and allow quick conversion for different parts. To accommodate a wide variety of part configurations, unique single or parallel part guides can be easily adjusted to any size or to form multiple tracks. Belt widths, mesh sizes and wire thicknesses can be selected to suit any size and strength requirements.

Double belt conveyor models grip parts securely without causing damage. Special Linotex bonded belts are typically used where secure holding is the primary concern, even on parts with rounded or irregular edges or small projections. “T” section belts expose more of the parts for blasting. Belts may be adjusted from 0 to 4 in. by handwheels to handle parts from thin strips to large parts. Double belt conveyors are ideal for a wide variety of products, including electronics devices, molded modules, connectors, circuit breaker parts, Ryton molded parts, engineered thermoplastics, and small metal or composite parts.

We also offer a Rollaveyor Deflasher and a Tumble Blast Deflasher for trimming, deburring and finishing. Visit our Deflashing Systems page for more information.

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