Rollaveyor Deflasher

High-efficiency deflashing system for small or large parts.

Small parts may be deflashed individually or in twin blast chambers in Hull's Rollaveyor Deflasher.

The portable Hull Rollaveyor Deflasher provides automated, high-efficiency deflashing system used at the molding press for small or large parts in batch or continuous operations.


With a Rollaveyor Deflashing System you can deflash small parts individually or in twin blast chambers. Dividers may be added to create up to eight compartments with separate tumbling paths. Belt speed and tilt angle can be adjusted for almost any tumbling motion.

A compact caster-mounted unit, the Rollaveyor Deflashing System can be positioned at the molding press for automated, high-efficiency deflashing. Designed for small or large parts in batch or continuous operations. The Rolloveyer saves floor space and can be moved conveniently away from the press to allow for mold changes or to another press as needed. It receives parts directly from the molding press via conveyor to keep pace with molding, reduce handling and eliminate parts storage. The Rollaveyor is now offered via a conveyor with a throw wheel for effective airless deflashing for thermoset parts.

Operators set up the system with ease. The Rollaveyor loads, deflashes and discharges automatically in single cycles or continuously. Belt speed and tilt angle are PLC controlled. For completely automatic handling, the system can be configured to receive signals from the molding press.

A cabinet air intake humidifier teams with a unique three-part anti-static blowoff for precise parts cleaning. Gentle variable speed tumbling action deflashes fragile or large single parts without breakage. It minimizes the need for hand processing of hard-to-clean parts.

We also offer a Low Pro Inline Deflasher and a Tumble Blast Deflasher for trimming, deburring and finishing. Visit our Deflashing Systems page for more information.

Rollaveyor Deflashing System
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