Hydraulic Stuffer

for processing thermoset (polyester) material

Process Thermoset (Polyester) Material

Using a Hull Industries Hydraulic Stuffer


Hydraulic Stuffer Features


  • Hydraulically operated.
    1. Can be integrated into the injection machine’s existing hydraulic system. (Need to assess the existing system, additional hydraulics will be required for the stuffer operation.)
    2. A standalone hydraulic power pack can be provided.
  • Mounted either vertically or horizontally.
  • Material loading stuffer door is fitted with a safety interlock for operator safety.
  • Three sensors come with the stuffer to indicate the level of material in the stuffer: full, low, and empty.
  • Stuffer can be operated in either automatic or manual mode with the “flick of the switch” on the control box.
  • Stuffer is controlled and monitored thru the injection machine’s PLC and operator interface touch screen.
  • An “E-stop” button is provided on the control box for operator safety.
  • A plunger is used to push the material thru the stuffer and into the injection barrel. The plunger prevents the tearing and weakening of the thermoset (polyester) material as it is pushed thru the stuffer.
  • Stuffer can be mounted to any injection molding machine.
    1. Retrofit an existing thermoplastic machine.
    2. Replace an existing stuffer on a thermoset machine.
    3. The stuffer comes standard on all Hull injection molding machines.
  • Stuffers are available in standard sizes from 75lb to 200lb material capacity. We can also design a custom stuffer for your specific application.
    Hull can install the stuffer for you on your existing machine. Ask about our field service rates for installation.
Hydraulic Stuffer
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