Presses and Plastics Molding Equipment

Transfer, Compression, Automatic Compression, Shuttle, and Custom Presses


Transfer Presses

T Series transfer presses offer the optimum combination of manufacturing flexibility and precision control. Ideal for precise, highly repeatable molding, they accommodate small, intricate shapes, including parts with thin walls, fragile inserts and close-tolerance buildup dimensions.

Available in standard models from 6 tons to 250 tons, presses and auxiliary equipment can also be custom-engineered to your materials, process and production requirements. High output, high yield presses are designed with small footprints across all models.

Compression Presses

Hull Industries compression presses are available in tonnages ranging from 15 to 2000 tons, in both upward or downward clamping configurations. Standard controls include PID temperature controllers, built into the PLC, and accessible through the touch screen interface. These controllers provide accurate temperature control of multiple heat zones. Precise cycle control assures high yield, consistent quality.

Automatic Compression Presses

These are fully automatic presses that will maximize productivity and are available in sizes from 50 tons of clamping force and up. You can shorten cycle times by adding a parting line module. This module pre-plasticizes the material for faster curing. Independent upper and lower hydraulic ejection are a standard feature.

Shuttle Presses

The shuttle press is a high production rate press for parts requiring the operator to load intricate inserts into the mold. The mold consists of two lower halves with a common top half. Inserts can be loaded in one bottom half as the other is curing. A PLC is used for easy cycle and temperature set up, through an operator touch screen interface. Presses are available in either electric or hydraulic configurations.

Custom Presses and Equipment

Hull Industries in conjunction with our sister company, Chant Engineering is capable of designing and building special presses and auxiliary equipment requiring both automation and robotics. All you need is a concept and we can help you bring it to life.

Transfer Press
Compression Press
Shuttle Press
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