Automatic Compression Presses

Full-Automatic Presses for Maximum Productivity

Automatic Compression Press
Fully automatic compression presses are available in models from 75 to 300 tons clamp force. Adjustable metering tubes deliver the precise amount of shot required for each mold cavity. Under the metering tubes, rows of cups on a moving platform index into position to receive the appropriate charge. When all cups are charged, the loading board moves in over the mold, a bottom plate retracts, and charges drop into the mold cavities. A new load of cups is charged while the previous load cures.


A PLC-based control system allows easy setup of breathe cycles and cure times. Up to five breathe cycles can be selected, from partially close, pause, fully close to close, pause, open and close with no pause.

To protect expensive molds, high-speed closing cuts off near the end of the stroke, and the clamp switches to low-speed closing. There is also an adjustable slow breakaway speed before high-speed opening.

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