Shuttle Presses

From 50 tons up to 400 tons

Shuttle presses are high production rate presses for parts requiring operators to load intricate inserts into the mold

Hull Industries has built hundreds of transfer molding shuttle presses from 50 tons up to 400 tons. The presses are designed to reduce cycle time when molding with inserts. In operation, theShuttle Press press would have two bottom mold halves and one top mold half. While on bottom mold half is clamped with the top mold half the operator can remove the molded parts and load the inserts for the next cycle on the outboard lower mold half. Inserts can be loaded in one bottom half as the other is curing. Standard features on Hull Shuttle presses include outboard hydraulic ejection, color touch screen, mold protection, closed loop profiling of the transfer velocity and pressure, accurate heat control for the mold, process monitoring, password protection and digital position sensors. The presses can also be built for compression molding.

A PLC is used for easy cycle and temperature set up, through an operator touch screen interface. Presses are available in either electric or hydraulic configurations.

Select a Shuttle press to:

  • Increase production and decrease costs by having one operator for two convenient loading stations.
  • Load and unload one bottom mold half while components in the second half are undergoing cure.
  • Easily load individual components into the mold at the unobstructed workstations.
  • Use the same machine for both encapsulation and general insert molding work.
  • Obtain greater operator safety because inserts can be loaded in the clear, not between two halves of a mold.

Place a preform pill, which may be preheated, in the closed mold, or place loose powder in a closed mold.

Small parts with delicate inserts such as microcircuits, integrated circuits, transistors, or large parts such as coils, transformers, and relays can be encapsulated. Parts requiring core pins, threaded inserts, and coring prior to ejection can be routinely produced. An adjustable low-pressure system for the pressing phase for both the clamp and transfer rams enables this press to cover a broader molding scope not normally associated with large machines.

Additional types and sizes of encapsulating and molding machines are included in Hull’s complete line. The machine and accessories you buy have the latest and best performance and design features.

Other available features include:

  • Energy Saving Electric Servo Motor driven hydraulics
  • PC based HMI
  • Data Collection
  • Heat Platens
  • Gate cutter
  • Side Core
  • Light Curtain
  • Hydraulic Ejection
  • Preheater Interface
  • Current Sensors to detect heater burnout
  • Many other options available upon request.
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