Refurbishing Services

for processing thermoset (polyester) material

Save Money by Refurbishing Your Existing Machine


Hull Industries’ offers rebuild and refurbishing services for molding presses, deflashers, and vacuum process equipment. Our goal is to substantially help you extend your equipment’s life and to deliver cost savings options to customers in lieu of them having to purchase a brand new machine.

As a manufacturer of plastics processing equipment since the 1950’s, Hull applies a full range of services and expertise to equipment rebuilding and refurbishing which can accommodate virtually any major original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) molding press or deflashing system.

Hull Industries can take your old under-performing press and make it run like new again.  The hydraulics and controls can be replaced so that you have a press that performs consistently and in some cases better than it did when it was new.  We have had situations where we were able to reduce the horsepower requirements of the press that result in energy savings.  In addition to the hydraulics we can replace the packing and seals and verify that the press meets parallelism intended in its original design.

We would be happy to discuss your older press and what might be needed to make it work like it was new again.

Hull Industries offers a rebuilding and refurbishing service for Hull machines as well as other manufacturer’s equipment including:

Compression/Transfer Presses and Deflashers

100 Ton Compression Press

Control System Upgrades and Machine Guarding

Completely Refurbished with New Controls and Machine Guarding

Your machine will look as good as new after a thorough Hull refresh! During the retrofit, we can also upgrade your machine to add more functionality, if necessary.

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