Vacuum Potting Machines

for processing thermoset (polyester) material

Save operator time and prevent rejects.

Hull vacuum potting systems are machines that help you produce top-quality castings more cost-efficiently.


Consistent Void-Free Casting

Consistent void-free casting is obtained through precisely controlled vacuum and pressure capabilities. Temperatures are maintained by operators over a wide control range.

Minimal Operator Time

Minimal operator time is spent in clean-up. Hull potters utilize specially designed, disposable paper resin cups, which are easily replaced between batches. The only component which contacts the resin is an agitator assembly which is easily accessed for cleaning.

Easily Controlled From Outside

Remotely control your console, the planetary turntables may be indexed by operators to allow precise positioning of several molds during a single resin batch. Conveniently located sight glasses and upfront controls allow continuous monitoring and indexing.

Ready for Installation

All Hull units are prewired and thoroughly tested prior to shipment. Complete operation and maintenance manuals are provided, along with start-up assistance and training.

Designed for a Variety of Applications

Hull vacuum potting systems are ideal for casting and encapsulation when consistent quality is important. They produce the highest quality reactive resin castings for maximum dielectric properties of electric and electronic parts. They can be used to pot or encapsulate coils, transformers, motor windings, modules, and much more, using resins, epoxies, polyesters, waxes, and oils.

Optional Control Accessories

Hull offers optional control accessories to further enhance operation. A thermocouple lead-thru allows operators to check mold or resin temperatures. This permits better casting of heat-sensitive components. An indicating pyrometer can be attached to the outer terminal strip to display temperatures. An indicating vacuum controller, in place of standard thermocouple-type high vacuum gauge, is calibrated in the range of 0-20 mm of mercury absolute. It can also be specified for 0-1000 micron range.

Custom Engineering

Our team of engineering and design experts at Hull is always available. Hull can tailor a system according to your exact requirements for size, pressure, temperature, and more.

Product of Experience

Vacuum potting systems from Hull are backed by Hull’s decades of service to the industry. Hull has been developing high-quality equipment for molding, encapsulation, vacuum drying and impregnating since 1955.

Hull 5A-24 and 5A-36 High Capacity Production Consoles

Our 5A-24 and 5A-36 high capacity production consoles feature a dual chamber design for better efficiency and void-free casting. Separated by an isolation ball valve, the two chambers are electrically heated, with independent temperature control range of 50 degrees to 350 degrees.

Isolated Mixing Chamber

Having a separate mixing chamber allows resin to be heated and degassed under vacuum. Standard containers are 5 qt (model 5A-24) and 16 qt (model 5A-36). Larger capacities are available, along with 1 qt adapters for small runs. The cover is fitted with air motor driven agitator. Sight and light glass allow convenient monitoring of the degassing process.

Casting Chamber

Our casting chamber features full opening front door, light glass with light, sight glass (9″), electric heat, sheet metal covering, full vacuum and 50 psig standard (100 psig optional).

Planetary Turntable

We offer a planetary turntable system which consists of four turntables which can be rotated independently in the casting chamber. Each may hold several small molds and can be indexed easily from outside the chamber by means of conveniently located handles and sight glass. Units may be ordered with an optional, single large turntable to accommodate larger molds.


Loaded in a disposable paper container, resin is preheated in the vacuum degassing mixing chamber. When proper resin temperature and outgassing is complete, catalyst can be added. An isolation ball valve allows liquid to pass into the casting chamber, into a disposable funnel. Molds are easily positioned from outside the unit by means of external controls and independently rotating turntables.

Vacuum Potter System
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