Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Machines

for processing thermoset (polyester) material

In a large variety of installations throughout the world, Hull Industries Vacuum Impregnating Systems provide high productivity and reliable efficiency.

Based on the same proven design standards, Hull Industries can develop a custom system that specifically meets the requirements of your application.

More About Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Systems


Vacuum-tested chambers and tanks may be round or rectangular, and can be built to ASME code for full vacuum and up to 200 psig pressure. Hull impregnators incorporate a welded flange to improve sealing quality for use at higher vacuum. Optional construction features include quick-opening covers, and counter-weighted or hydraulically raised covers. Other features are custom engineered according to individual requirements.

Minimal Operator Time

Minimal operator time is spent in clean-up. Hull potters utilize specially designed, disposable paper resin cups, which are easily replaced between batches. The only component which contacts the resin is an agitator assembly which is easily accessed for cleaning.


The proven method of operation of Hull’s systems includes many design variables for customization to suit your product and process.

Chambers may be heated by hot water circulation, oil or steam jacket, or electric band heaters. Any type and brand of vacuum pumping apparatus may be used.

Tanks are designed to allow easy, complete draining of tanks and lines. A large selection of special instrumentation is available to enhance production, protect components, and expand your capabilities. An automatic vacuum controller and trap protect the pump from contaminating vapors. Placement of controls is designed for operator safety and convenience.

Control Methods

Hull Industries is a pioneer in advanced control electronics. Control systems are designed as an integral part of every impregnator. A large variety of control options are available to provide optimum rates of penetration at fast cycle times. Automatic temperature and pressure control capabilities, explosion-proof electronics, or any other special control features may be incorporated into your design. Manual control methods are also available.


Hull Industries Vacuum Impregnating Systems can be used to seal or enhance the properties of a variety of products and components, including:

  • Electronics, metal castings, powdered metal, plastics, gas and liquid process, pumps and fittings, automotive parts, wood products, glass and ceramics, coils, transformers, high-voltage/high-frequency magnetic components, cables, dielectic papers, magnetos, and many others.
  • In addition, Hull Industries impregnators can accommodate a variety of impregnants, including waxes, oils, solvent-type varnishes, and no-solvent varnishes. Valves, circulating pumps, and transfer lines may be heated and insulated. Hull Industries also manufactures a full line of high-quality systems for vacuum potting, and encapsulation and compression molding.
Vacuum Impregnation System
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